Inclinometer casing

    inclinometer casings are made of ABS pipes with four orthogonal grooves running longitudinally along its inside surface with a spiral control of less than

    Inclinometers Geotechnical

    The inclinometer casing has four orthogonal grooves along the inside and these are used to guide an inclinometer probe along in order to survey the line of the inclinometer casing.

    Pile Integrity Test Equipment

    The Pile Integrity Tester (PIT) gives peace of mind that a pile or shaft is free of major defect and voids, prior to construction of the superstructure. It may be used on most concrete foundations.

    Magnetic Extensometer Equipment

    The Magnetic Extensometer is installed at locations where monitoring of settlement or heave is required. The Magnetic Extensometer System comprises a probe, a graduated tape on a reel and an access pipe…

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