What is low strain pile integrity test?

The Pile Integrity Tester (PIT) gives peace of mind that a pile or shaft is free of major defect and voids, prior to construction of the superstructure. It may be used on most concrete foundations. The PIT may also be used to test piles integral in the structure, such as those supporting existing bridges or towers, and may assess their length.

The PIT performs wave equation-based non-destructive foundation investigations known as Low Strain Impact Integrity Tests or Low Strain Dynamic Tests. These tests may be performed by the Pulse (or Sonic) Echo or Transient Response Methods. With the PIT, any form of the test is performed fast, potentially making it possible to test every pile on a job site.

The PIT test consists of attaching one or two accelerometers to the foundation and using a hand-held hammer to impact it. The PIT collects the acceleration data and displays curves that reveal any significant changes in cross section that may exist along the shaft.

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